Best Pipe & Conduit Bending Apps For Electricians (Conduit Bending Calculator)

Last updated on February 27th, 2024.

I wanted to take some time to share what I believe is the best conduit bending apps for Android and iPhone. As an apprentice electrician, your job is to learn quickly and produce quality work that you and your journeyman can be proud of.

So after looking at multiple apps – free and paid – I wanted to share with you what I’ve deemed the best conduit & pipe bending apps on the market.

Let’s jump straight into the reviews.

Best Conduit Bending Apps for Android and iPhone

Conduit Bender Elite™

best conduit bending app

  • Android – 4.3 stars, 184 ratings
  • iPhone – 4.8 stars, 587 ratings

Conduit Bender Elite™ streamlines your workflow with an intuitive calculator that drastically cuts down the time you spend on calculations, markings, and bends. With its comprehensive diagrams and detailed guides for every type of bend, it stands out in the market by simplifying complex math, allowing you to concentrate solely on perfecting your installation.


Types of bends the app supports:
Offset (Far Bend Critical)
Offset(Near Bend Critical)
Rolling Offset (Far Bend Critical)
Rolling Offset (Near Bend Critical)
Three Bend Saddle
Four Bend Saddle
90° Stub-Up Bend
Kicked 90° Bend
Segmented 90° Bend
Rectangle Obstruction
Square Obstruction
Round Obstruction

Preference settings allow all calculations to be performed using inches or centimeters. Deduct settings for 90° bends can be customized for ½” through 4” conduit (16-103mm).

The team at Cyberprodigy works hard to ensure that this app is compatible with all new and existing Android devices. If you’re having any issues with the layout or display, you can reach out to [email protected] so they can work with you to fix the issue.

QuickBendbest conduit bending app

  • Android – 4.3 stars, 121 ratings
  • iPhone – 4.7 stars, 690 ratings

QuickBend sets the standard for speed and precision in conduit bending calculations. Engineered for both efficiency and aesthetics, this app delivers unparalleled accuracy with a center-line radius algorithm tailored to your specific bender, ensuring your bends are spot-on every time.

Easily select between different types of benders and choose the size of the shoe and conduit type that you’re using. The last bender that you selected will be the bender that appears when you open the app up again. See and edit your bender’s information (Center-line Radius, Deduct, Gain, Setback, Travel, and Radius Adjustment) within the ‘Bender Specs’ section.

Bends also include data management, which will save the last values that you’ve entered into the app.

Here’s what one of the reviews said:

Awesome app!

Love this app. Makes bending pipe so much easier and gives me much more accurate results than the standard “multiplier” method.

QuickBend supports the following bends:

• Offset
• Rolling Offset
• Matching Bends Offset
• Matching Centers Offset
• Parallel Offset
• Three-Point Saddle
• Four-Point Saddle
• 90
• QuickKick
• Kick With 90
• Matching Bend Kick
• Matching Center Kick
• Parallel Kick
• Parallel Kick Forward
• Compound 90 – Circle Obstruction
• Compound 90 – Rectangle Obstruction
• Compound 90 – Square Obstruction
• Segmented 90

QuickBend Benders:

• Cosecant (Okay. it’s not a bender, however; if you prefer the standard multiplier method with no radius. It’s available.)
• Current Tools: 750/751
• Current Tools: 77
• Current Tools: 747
• Gardner Bender: Big Ben
• Gardner Bender: Sidewinder
• Gardner Bender: Electric Sidewinder
• Gardner Bender: B2000 Cyclone
• Gardner Bender: Ultra Eegor
• Gardner Bender: B300 Series
• Greenlee: Hand Benders
• Greenlee: 1800/1801
• Greenlee: 1818
• Greenlee: 555
• Greenlee: 854DX
• Greenlee: 855GX
• Greenlee: 881
• Greenlee: 882
• Greenlee: 884/885
• Ideal: Hand Benders
• Klein: Hand Benders
• Milwaukee: Hand Benders

QuickBend Multiple Bends:

• Layout multiple bends on a single stick of conduit.
• Offset to Obstruction
• Offset from Obstruction
• Matching Offset to Obstruction
• Matching Offset from Obstruction
• Three Point Saddle
• Four Point Saddle
• 90˚ Bend, Kick
• Kick with 90
• Place a cut mark for those rare occasions that you need to cut and thread the conduit before bending.
• Flip bends around.
• Graphic representation of where the bend/cut will layout on a stick of conduit.
• Bend layouts are based on your bender’s centerline radius, deduct, and gain.
• Toggle ‘Measure to Center’ to help line up conduits when working on raceways with multiple conduit sizes.

QuickBend allows you to pick between different forms of measurements (imperial/metric). It also includes a protractor level, an indicator if bends are impossible by turning the text red, and a radius algorithm that’s useful when bending conduit larger than 1 inch that exceeds 30 degrees.

Given its robust features and precision, incorporating this app into your toolbox could significantly enhance your project outcomes.

Electrical Conduit Bender – FREE (Android Only)

best conduit bending apps

This app allows an electrician to select values for offsets and saddles and be presented with the figures to assist in making a professional installation.

As the most lightweight conduit bending app on the market, it’s tailor-made for electricians seeking a fast and reliable reference tool for quickly executing saddles and offsets.

Because of its simplicity, Electricians can rely on this app to open fast, not lag, and never crash. This app is intentionally designed to take up very little memory and processor power and minimize battery drain. It is not designed to teach anybody how to bend conduit, but rather to provide Electricians with a quick reference to the most frequently used calculations (offsets and saddles).

This app can be used for electrical metallic tubing (EMT), rigid conduit, PVC, or any pipe for that matter.

Advice from the app developer:

When bending larger diameter pipe try to avoid having bend marks too close together. Not doing this will cause issues when trying to fit the pipe into your bending device because your bender is bigger too and therefore less accommodating.

Please consider the paid version of this app if you would like to gain the ability to manually input your numbers as well as retain the ability to use the drop down menus which are included in the free version.

With an impressive 4.7-star rating from 690 reviews and available for just $3.99, overlooking this app for your toolbox could be a missed opportunity for efficiency and precision in your work.


Master Bender Gold – iPhone

best conduit bending app

Master Bender Gold is the industry’s leading and most precise conduit bending app for iPhone and iPad.

Master Bender Gold is a conduit bending calculator for electricians. It aids you in bending conduit raceways. It takes the math out of bending and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

This app supports the following types of bends:

  • offset bends and rolling offset bends
  • three and four-point saddle bends
  • stub 90° bends
  • parallel bends
  • segment bends
  • compound 90° bends

It also contains information about:

  • gain & take-up
  • conduit layout
  • conduit weight & sizes
  • trig functions
  • fractions
  • bender methods
  • safety

For more information about this app and others by this developer visit or

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