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Best Wall Mounted Surge Protector: Top 3 of 2024 Reviewed

Last updated on February 28th, 2024.

There’s no point dropping over $500 on fancy electronics just to have it blow up after your first electrical surge.

A quality wall-mounted surge protector is a convenient way to protect multiple devices or appliances.

An excellent wall-mounted surge protector has a large voltage protection rating, multiple sockets, and EMI/RFI noise filtering.

On the other hand, a faulty wall-mounted surge protector is a dangerous and expensive waste of money. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a surge protector that doesn’t actually protect your electronics.

To help you separate the good from the bad – we reviewed the Best Wall Mounted Surge Protectors of 2024.

Buy with the confidence that you’re buying one of the top wall-mounted surge protectors on the market.

Let’s dive into the reviews.

Top 3 Best Wall Mounted Surge Protectors

Preview Product Key Features
Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector - 6 Rotating AC Multiple Outlets, Flat Pivot Plug - Heavy Duty... Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector - 6 Rotating AC Multiple Outlets, Flat Pivot Plug - Heavy Duty...
  • MULTI-OUTLET SURGE PROTECTOR: Power everything on your desk with a single compact surge-protected extension cord. 6 AC outlets with surge protection charge your computer, laptop, phone, camera, and more. It's one charging station for a clutter-free desk.
  • COMPACT & HEAVY-DUTY: Small and wall-mountable with rotating outlets that fit large AC adapters, this power extension provides extra outlets without the extra cords – a convenient single-source option for your smartphones, tablets, and more.
  • RELIABLE SURGE PROTECTOR: Secure your electronic devices from overload, short circuit, power spikes, lightning strikes, or fluctuations. And a built-in light indicator lets you know your equipment is secure or if your outlet needs to be readjusted.
CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protector, 1200J/125V, 6 Swivel Outlets, 2 USB Charging Ports, Wall Tap... CyberPower CSP600WSU Surge Protector, 1200J/125V, 6 Swivel Outlets, 2 USB Charging Ports, Wall...
  • 6 NEMA 5-15R SURGE PROTECTED OUTLETS: Provide 1200 joules of protection for home and office computers, electronics, and home theater equipment
  • 2 USB CHARGING PORTS: Share 2.4 amps are perfect for keeping tablets, smartphones, and other rechargeable devices ready to use
  • COMPACT DESIGN AND SWIVEL OUTLETS: 2 banks of swivel outlets are perfect for providing power in tight spaces, such as behind a bookshelf or desk
APC Wall Outlet Plug Extender, Surge Protector with USB Ports, P6WU2, (6) AC Multi Plug Outlet, 1080... APC Wall Outlet Plug Extender, Surge Protector with USB Ports, P6WU2, (6) AC Multi Plug Outlet,...
  • 1080 Joule surge protection energy rating
  • 6-outlet wall mount surge protector
  • 2 USB ports provide a combined 2.4 Amps of charging power. Input power - 1200 Watts

What to Look For in a Wall Mounted Surge Protector

There are a couple of things to watch on when searching for the best surge protector for your wall mounted. We’ve summed up these crucial functions listed below:

Number of Sockets

When choosing a wall-mounted surge protector, consider how many devices you’ll need to connect. More than two devices close together means you’ll likely need at least two sockets. Opting for a single socket and relying on an extension can be inefficient, costly, and cumbersome. It’s wise to assess and plan for the exact number of sockets you’ll need in advance to ensure your setup is both efficient and effective.

Safety Rating

Navigating through the myriad of safety standards can be daunting, but for wall-mounted surge protectors, focusing on the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification is key. This specific endorsement signifies compliance with stringent safety benchmarks, ensuring your device is not just effective but also reliably safe.

UL is among numerous businesses approved to perform safety testing by the U.S. federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA has a list of approved testing laboratories, which are recognized as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

Even within UL though, there are a lot of security requirements that could apply. For appropriate wall mounted surge protection, you’re generally want to be taking a look at the UL 1449 safety requirement.

UL 1449 is the Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard for Surge Protective Devices (SPD)– i.e. perfect for wall mounted surge protection.

So make sure your wall mounted surge protector confirms to UL 1449.


A substantial warranty is not just a benefit; it’s indicative of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Opt for a surge protector that offers a lengthy warranty, which not only secures your investment but also reflects the quality and durability of the product.

Not just for the apparent factor that if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to make a claim, but for the signal that a long warranty implies about the quality of the wall-mounted surge protector (or rather, the self-confidence the supplier has for the wall mounted surge protector).

If suppliers provided generously long service warranties for wall mounted surge protectors that went bust after 2 weeks, they would not be around for long.

So you wish to long for longer warranties and high insurance payments on your wall-mounted surge protector (from companies that have actually been around for more than 5 years).

Joule Rating

The joule rating refers to just how much energy your wall-mounted surge protector can soak up. A higher joule rating equals much better protection.

The required joule rating of your surge protector hinges on what you intend to safeguard. Whether it’s a PC, a major appliance, or your entire home, identifying the value of what’s at stake helps determine the necessary level of protection, guiding you to the appropriate joule rating.

Here are some rough joule rating standards:

  • A unit with up to 1000 joules of surge protection suffices for small electronic devices.
  • A surge protector with 1000 to 2000 joules will offer enough protection for workplace equipment and power tools.
  • Consider the highest joule rating (2000+) for expensive video gaming consoles, home theater systems, and any computer system that saves crucial information. Anything that is very expensive or irreplaceable.

EMI/RFI Noise Filtering

EMI = Electromagnetic Interference, while RFI = Radio Frequency Interference. Although these terms are used interchangeably, they’re technically not the same thing. For the functions of wall-mounted surge protection though, we can treat them alike.

Lots of filters– e.g. low pass filters, high pass filters, or bandpass filters– only enable certain types of frequencies through, indicating a set range of EMI/RFI emissions will be transferred to the device being protected.

This is due to the fact that particular EMI/RFI emissions will not interfere with the efficiency frequencies of various electric and electronic devices.

So the goal of EMI/RFI is noise filtering is to remove electromagnetic and radiofrequency disturbance that will interfere with the wall-mounted surge protection.

So look for wall mounted surge protectors that have EMI/RFI emissions.

Clamping Voltage

Clamping voltage refers to the optimum quantity of voltage that can pass a surge protector before it restricts additional voltage from passing to the gadget it is trying to safeguard.

For instance, a wall-mounted surge protector might limit a 6,000 V surge so that just 600V is ‘noticeable’ to the load. Hence here the clamping voltage for this wall mounted surge protector is 600V.

If the clamping voltage is too high, then the surge protector will allow excessive voltage to pass to your wall-mounted (which will break it).

EXAMINE the maximum rated voltage of your wall mounted prior to buying a surge protector, so make sure that the clamping voltage of your wall mounted surge protection device is LOWER than the maximum operating voltage of your wall mounted.

In general however, the clamping voltage ought to be LESS than 700V for a wall-mounted surge protector.

Diagnostic LEDs

Diagnostic LEDs are essential for real-time monitoring, ensuring your wall-mounted surge protector is operational and actively safeguarding your devices. These indicators provide immediate feedback on the status of your protection, offering peace of mind that your equipment is secure.

Try to find wall mounted surge protection that consists of diagnostic LED lights that validate power, protection, and line fault status at a look.

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