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Best Mobile Toolbox: Top 6 of 2022 Reviewed

Carrying a lot of tools around is a pain in the ass.

And that’s where a mobile toolbox comes in.

The best mobile toolboxes are durable, easy to carry around, and have plenty of storage space for all of your tools.

While bad mobile toolboxes are lack storage space and are made from flimsy plastic.

So to help you separate the good tool chests from the junk—we’ve reviewed the Top 6 Mobile Tool Boxes of 2022.

Let’s get you a well-made mobile tool chest at a great price.

Preview Product Key Features
Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red
  • Steel construction protects your gear in rough environments
  • Sturdy latches keep the unit closed while in transit
  • Flip-up handle makes carrying fast and easy

Top 6 Best Mobile Tool Boxes

Craftsman Mobile Tool Box

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red
  • Steel construction protects your gear in rough environments
  • Sturdy latches keep the unit closed while in transit
  • Flip-up handle makes carrying fast and easy

The Craftsman Electricians ToolBox is an excellent choice for those with a price-conscious mindset. Its build quality and reliability make it our top pick of the electrician toolboxes on the market!

The fact that this one doesn’t have any flashy features makes us enjoy its simplicity even more – you can focus all your attention on building up your tools without worrying about deficiencies in performance or durability.

You’ll be able to store a lot of your tools in this stainless steel toolbox. It comes with three drawers, and each one can hold up to 25 pounds worth of equipment!

There is plenty of storage space as well because the size on it measures 20.5 inches across, and there are also two locks for security that use durable latches so you know no unauthorized person can access them while they’re locked down tight.

You’ll be able to easily carry this toolbox for miles, and your hand will feel great because of its ergonomic comfort grip handle. You can also sleep soundly knowing that it’s made in the USA with tight tolerances.

  • Under-lid storage
  • Drawers can hold 25 pounds
  • Strong lock
  • Excellent build quality
  • Relatively few advanced features

Milwaukee Mobile Tool Box

For customers that are willing to pay extra for their toolbox, the modular model from Milwaukee is one of the most impressive ones we’ve seen. This big toolbox features a three-piece design that allows you to bring only the tools that you need and eliminates any excess bulk!

The electrical toolbox is made out of impact-resistant polymers; this more flexible material absorbs energy better than metals used in many other models, providing a bit more protection against impacts as well.

The Milwaukee Big Tool Box also has separate compartments for large items like power drills or hammers, so they don’t take up much space on your workbench when not being used while still keeping them easily accessible at all times.

Milwaukee has provided a durable toolbox that is resistant to the weather and features IP65 rated waterproofing. With this weight capacity of 250 pounds, it can hold twice as many tools as some competitors while also being compatible with Milwaukee’s other Packout products.

You have plenty of room for all your electrical circuit tracer, diagonal cutters, electricians knife or lineman pliers- there are slots on both sides of the exterior plus 1 interior slot dedicated to power equipment in case you need them!

The majority of this waterproof electricians toolbox is made from polymer for lighter weight. It features metal reinforcement in some key areas, including the corners and locking point, to make it even more durable. With all-terrain wheels, you can bring your mobile storage and workstation anywhere with ease!

  • Waterproof
  • Huge weight capacity
  • Convenient wheeled design
  • Modular design
  • Pricey than other options

Husky Mobile Tool Box

Husky 16 in. Plastic Tool Box with Rugged Metal Latch (1.6 mm) and Ample Storage Capabilities in...
  • Husky 16 in. Plastic Tool Box with Rugged Metal Latch (1.6 mm) and Ample Storage Capabilities in Black, Tool Box Organizer Heavy Duty, Durable Polypropylene, Easy to Grip, Impact Resistant Plastic
  • CONSTRUCTION: Husky tool box is constructed of durable polypropylene and features a heavy-duty metal latch and a padlock eye for safe, secure tool storage. Add a pad lock for extra security.
  • DIMENSIONS: Tool box plastic has H 16 in. x W 9.4 in. x D 8.7 in.

If you’re looking for a small toolbox that is still high quality and affordable, then this one from Husky might be the perfect fit. The price point makes it stand out among competitors; at about 30 times less than our previous model!

This plastic electrician box has thicker walls with better protection to keep your tools safe while being durable enough not to crack like on most other models made of plastic. It also includes an interior removable tray, so organizing your smaller tools can be even easier, which really sets it apart from its competition.

This toolbox is made out of plastic and metal, so it can easily be carried around. Its latch ensures that the contents are securely stored inside, while its stackable design makes storing more than one together a breeze!

If you’re looking for an affordable, functional toolbox to carry around with one hand, this 16-inch wide model is perfect. It features a lot of internal space thanks to its 25-pound max capacity, and the inclusion of handles makes it easier than ever before!

The only downside? This box doesn’t have any sort of lockable latch – so keep that in mind when deciding on what’s best for your needs.

  • Carry handle
  • Metal latch
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • No locking latch

Homak Mobile Tool Box

Homak Mfg. Co., Inc. RD00423002 Red Metal & Plastic Roll Away Tol Box (Fits RD00122504)
  • Product Type :Home Organizers And Storage
  • Package Dimensions :62.484 Cm L X50.546 Cm W X38.862 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :China

The Homak toolbox is not a bad product, but the fact that you can find far superior models available for less than half of the price makes it seem like an overpriced rip-off. What makes it worse is that this model doesn’t have any advanced features to justify spending more money on them.

The wheels are so close to the body of this electrician’s toolbox that even a bit of dirt or debris can disrupt its smooth roll. Another issue is that latches feel like they may break off at any moment, and we wouldn’t want to imagine how easy it would be for someone who wanted to steal from us.

Thankfully though, there’s not all bad news: because this electrical engineer’s toolbox has a steel construction with shock-absorbing bumpers along the edges, it also makes up less space when standing tall than wide– which means you’ll have more room in your garage!


  • Steel with plastic bumpers
  • Tall and spacious
  • No bells and whistles to justify the cost
  • Wheels
  • Poorly-made latches

Stanley Mobile Tool Box

STANLEY Tool Box, 3-in-1 Rolling WorkShop (STST18613)
  • 18-inch portable tool box is made for spacious tool storage
  • Removable tray of the mechanic tool box allows enough space for larger tools to be stored underneath
  • Large bottom bin of the tool box organizers and storage is designed for larger hand tools and power tools

Worried that you’re not willing to pay a huge sum for the Milwaukee model we previously looked at but still want your hands on an electrician’s toolbox? This Stanley option is the next best.

With three storage compartments and all of them able to be used individually, it makes things easier than ever! The first compartment houses tools when they’re together while in use as well as being mounted on top. Need help keeping track of small items like screwdrivers or pliers? It can be done with the middle organizer; just keep those spacers handy so everything fits perfectly!

Finally, the storage bin is mounted at the bottom, and it provides you with space for transporting larger power tools. You can even fit your toolbox in a car trunk if you attach this telescoping handle to one of your tires or put it on its side.

One disadvantage, though – these wheels don’t have an all-terrain design, so they might get stuck while driving over dirt or mud-covered surfaces like construction sites.


  • Telescoping handle
  • Great for both small and large tools
  • Three compartments
  • Weaker construction than the Milwaukee model
  • The wheels can’t handle tough terrain

Dewalt Mobile Tool Box

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Box, Deep, Long Handle (DWST17814) , Black
  • Extra large volume for large tools storage
  • Bi-material handle on top of each unit for easy & comfortable lifting
  • Top Organizer - Fixed dividers for organization of drills & bits

This toolbox is part of Dewalt’s TSTAK series, which consists of lightweight, stackable toolboxes. This particular model has a deep storage space and comfortable handle giving you more room to store your tools during the day. The latches are made out of metal for increased safety so that they keep all your important items locked tight!

The Dewalt TSTAK tool chest is the perfect solution for those who need a sturdy, versatile storage option. With its removable tray and side latches that are designed to be stackable with other models in this series or alone when you want more space without walls getting in your way, it will meet all of your needs while also standing up against accidental bumps from jostling objects–even if the tools inside aren’t locked down tight.

  • Comfortable long handle
  • Removable tray
  • Stackable
  • Bulky

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