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Best Deburring Tools: Top 5 of Burr Removal Tools of 2024

Last updated on February 29th, 2024.

A good deburring tool removes burrs from aluminum, steel, and plastic with ease. They are small, lightweight, and easy to clean.

On the other hand—a bad deburring tool struggles to remove even the smallest of burrs.

So to separate the good from the junk—we review the Top 5 Deburring Tools of 2024.

Buy with the confidence that you’re getting a quality deburring tool.

Let’s dive straight into the reviews.

Preview Product Key Features
Noga NG8150 Heavy Duty Deburr Tool, with 10 S10 Blades (Original Version) Noga NG8150 Heavy Duty Deburr Tool, with 10 S10 Blades (Original Version)
  • Our Part # NOGA-NG8150
  • NG-1 heavy duty deburring tool handle with 10 replaceable S10 high speed steel blades. Will do almost all of your deburring jobs.
  • NogaGrip-1 (NG-1) holds all S blades (3.2mm). Spare blades are kept inside the handle. Designed for maximum comfort in your hand
AFA Tooling - Deburring Tool with 10 Extra High Speed Steel Swivel Blades - Works on Metal, Resin,... AFA Tooling - Deburring Tool with 10 Extra High Speed Steel Swivel Blades - Works on Metal,...
  • TOTAL OF 11 HEAVY-DUTY S-BLADES: Our deburring tool features a swivel head to help conform to uneven shapes. We know that heavy use can dull your blades, so we have included an extra 10 pack of razor sharp BS1010 replacement blades. If you ever do need more above your initial 11, please purchase our standalone BS1010 replacement blades pack.
  • MULTI MATERIAL APPLICATION: Works great for cleanup of brass, steel, aluminum, copper or PVC pipes, as well as metal edges of auto parts, gears, or any other freshly cut metal parts. Also great for trimming the edges of your 3D printed plastic objects or parts. Our deburring tool is the perfect plumbing tool for professional plumbers. Whether you are an industrial professional, machinist, or a DIYer, our deburring tool works for you!
  • HIGHLY DURABLE HSS STEEL DEBURRING BLADES: The blades are made of tempered high-speed steel that makes them sharp, strong, and resistant to wear. HSS steel is usually 80% longer lasting then regular steel, and that’s why we use it, because we care about our performance!
SHAVIV 29249 Bonus Pack Deburring Tool Kit for Extra Close Work with Mango IIB Handle (11 Pieces) SHAVIV 29249 Bonus Pack Deburring Tool Kit for Extra Close Work with Mango IIB Handle (11 Pieces)
  • Kit includes Mango IIB Handle and 10 B10 blades for close precision deburring of hole edges and straight edges
  • Mango IIB plastic handle has an ergonomic design for comfort and control
  • Handle includes built-in safety lock and accepts all SHAVIV B-series blades
YXGOOD Hand Deburring Tool Kit Set- Practical for Cutting Deburrs Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, Copper... YXGOOD Hand Deburring Tool Kit Set- Practical for Cutting Deburrs Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, Copper...
  • ✮Deburring Tool with Three Kinds Deburring Blades: Manual hand operation, easy and flexible to use, sharp cutting edge for cross holes, deep holes, straight edges and curved edges
  • ✮Flexible to Use:The blade is mounted on the handle can be rotated 360 degrees; they are small size, you can carry anywhere, you can replace the blade by pushing button.
  • ✮5pc BK3010 for Plastic Trimming Blade: HSS high speed steel, blade diameter 3.2MM, oblique angle: 45 degrees. Suitable for (diameter <1.5mm) hole and clip clean.

Best Deburring Tool: Our Top 5 Picks of 2024

Noga Deburring Tool

Number one on our list is the Deburring Tool from Noga.

Discover the Noga Deburring Tool, engineered for precision and efficiency in removing burrs. Its design is tailored for versatility, handling a wide range of materials from plastics to metals like aluminum and steel. Embrace the convenience of a tool that not only streamlines your work process but is also cost-effective, ensuring you get outstanding value while maintaining high-quality results.

Noga’s ingenious design integrates blades directly into the handle, providing easy access and storage for spare blades. This tool is adept at tackling a variety of tasks, from extra-fine to coarse adjustments, effortlessly managing tough metals. Its precision is unmatched, ideal for detailed work on large radius curves or long edges, ensuring a flawless finish on 3D printed products and more.

The other standout feature of Noga Blades is its strength and versatility. These blades are strong, but if you have never used a blade before, be careful! The 10 replacement blades that come with your purchase will keep you satisfied for many years to come, so don’t worry about it too much!

The versatility of Noga tools is a hidden gem many have yet to discover. Their capability to adapt is remarkable, handling everything from substantial tasks like deburring pipes or tackling heavy-duty automotive parts, to the finer details of removing rust from screws. Whatever the project, Noga delivers consistent, reliable results.

  • Very easy to change blades
  • Handle has a positive safety lock
  • Great for deburring steel, aluminum, and plastic
  • Creates clean deburred edges
  • Strong enhanced steel blades
  • Blades are slightly too big to get into tight holes and corners

Noga RG1000 Multi-Burr Deburring Tool

The Noga RG100 is a handy deburring tool set with 4 multipurpose blades to help produce perfect finishes for jobs of all shapes and sizes. This versatile kit includes blades like the S10 blade that’s best suited for plastic, steel, and aluminum; the D50 Scraper Blade, which features a fixed base so you can remove heavy materials without scratching your workpiece; or our favorite: The N2 Blade made specifically with cast iron in mind!

The countersink blade is able to cut away holes and provides a 10.4mm diameter that is perfect for most projects, making the Noga RG100 Multi-Burr Deburring Tool an impressive favorite amongst DIYers and professional handymen alike!

The tool features folding shafts, which create quick-locking positions while you work on your project with no worries of accidents or it getting in the way because they fold back into place so easily.

Overall this product comes highly recommended by professionals as one must-have when starting up any workshop serious about deburring.

  • Sharp cutters
  • Small & lightweight design
  • Multipurpose Blades
  • Excellent blade holder
  • Includes S2 blade, scraper, and countersink blade
  • Short cutting length
  • Slightly pricer option

AFA Deburring Tool  

Eliminate the hassle of persistent burrs on your metal surfaces effortlessly with the AFA Deburring Tool. Engineered for longevity, it outperforms standard deburring blades by 80%, offering years of reliable service. The ergonomically designed aluminum handle ensures a steady, comfortable grip, far outlasting the common carbon steel tools that quickly lose their edge.

With 10 durable blades plus an included sturdy plastic carrying case, there’s never been such an easy way for people like yourself who enjoy working with metals or even woodworking craftsmen alike – especially if they work out in the field often enough where certain supplies are rarer than others -to get rid of these pesky little things once and for all without compromising.

The AFA deburring tool is a great jack of all trades for home and professional applications. It can handle the toughest jobs in any scenario, including removing burrs from PVC pipes to metal surfaces!

The only downside we found was that it wasn’t as smooth as Noga when removing these tough burrs. Despite this, you get excellent value for money no matter who your application might be with the versatile AFA deburring tool.

  • Great for Cleaning 3D prints
  • 10 Replacement Blades included
  • Robust Deburring Blades
  • Effortless finishing
  • Deburrs metal, plastic & PVC
  • Stiff motion – not as smooth as Noga

Shaviv Deburring Tool

The Shaviv Deburring Tool is a must-have for anyone tasked with cutting, filing and finishing metals. This kit features an ergonomic handle that’s designed to provide comfort during use, while the built-in safety lock makes changing blades easy as pie (pun intended).

The tool has several different blade types, including high-speed steel, copper, plastic and aluminum, which are all created out of durable materials, so you can rest assured your work will be up to par.

For a clean and smooth finish, the Shaviv deburring tool is your best bet. It can be used for long-reach work with its blade holder connection to a handle that has over 10 strong B10 blades at hand in case you need replacements!

The product would particularly suit 3D printing enthusiasts who will find it saves time on removing pesky plastic burrs in no time.


  • Designed for long range deburring
  • Enhanced safety lock
  • Easily changes blades
  • Durable Mango IB Handle
  • High-speed steel blades
  • Handle is a bit awkward to grip
  • Would prefer stronger blade tips

YXGOOD Deburring Tool

Introducing the YXGOOD Deburring Tool, your compact companion for on-the-go precision. This tool is ready for any challenge with a wide array of replacement blades at your fingertips. Its high-tempered steel blade effortlessly tackles any burr, ensuring a smooth finish on projects of any size and shape, proving indispensable in your toolkit.

This kit includes one deburring tool with 15 separate types (5 each) that can easily hold up heavy-duty 3mm swivel head blades- great for plumbing applications as well as professional workshops or use at home too!

For instance, you can use the YXGOOD to remove burrs from tubing and pipe, making it a good tool for deburring. The blades are great, but they don’t last as long as we would like, so be sure to get more than one set!

YXGOOD tool kit is a great deburring tool for those looking to remove burrs from tubing, cut pipes and PVC tubes. Although it doesn’t last as long as we would like, the blades are of good quality and come with quite a lot of different options that can be useful in many circumstances.

  • Good for deburring holes in sheet metal
  • Durable aluminum handle
  • BS1010 Ordinary Trimming Blade - Suitable for deburring aluminum, silver and copper
  • BS1010 High Strength Trimming Blade - Suitable for deburring alloy steel, stainless steel, and other workpiece trimming operations.
  • BK3010 Plastic Trimming Blade – Used for cutting plastic up to 45°
  • Blades don’t last as long as we’d like
  • Slim handle can be difficult for larger users

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