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Best Oscilloscope: Top 4 of 2022 Reviewed (Affordable Options)

Last updated on June 1st, 2021 at 08:51 am.

Looking for a good oscilloscope?

There are many high-quality cheap oscilloscopes on the market, you just need to know where to look.

A good oscilloscope provides fast and accurate readings, a long battery life, and has multiple channel modules.

To help you find a quality oscilloscope—we’ve reviewed the Top 4 Cheap Oscilloscopes of 2022.

Buy with the confidence that you’re not wasting your money on low-quality oscilloscopes.

Let’s get straight into the reviews.

Preview Product Key Features
Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope 50Mhz Bandwidth,4 Channels,1GSa/s Sampling Rate,24Mpts Memory... Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope 50Mhz Bandwidth,4 Channels,1GSa/s Sampling Rate,24Mpts Memory...
  • Analog channel bandwidth:50 MHz
  • 4 analog channels
  • Real-time sample rate up to 1 GSa/s

Top 4 Best Cheap Oscilloscopes

Rigol Digital Oscilloscope

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope 50Mhz Bandwidth,4 Channels,1GSa/s Sampling Rate,24Mpts Memory...
  • Analog channel bandwidth:50 MHz
  • 4 analog channels
  • Real-time sample rate up to 1 GSa/s

As the best overall oscilloscope, we’ve chosen the product oscilloscope by Rigol Digital DS1054Z. This compact and lightweight oscilloscope has the ability to measure the voltage waves and to provide a simple and user-friendly interface. 

Featuring some impressive traits, the Rigol oscilloscope is the perfect choice for beginners, especially due to its 7-inch display powered by ultra vision tech. You can view all channels on a single screen.  

Another feature that makes this device appealing to hobbyists is the built-in calibration function that eliminates any issue with controls that you might experience after turning it on. 

The waveform capture is another great feature. It produces at 30.0 wfms/sec, which is the highest in its class in speed and efficiency. This powerful oscilloscope also has a USB Port, that you can insert through any flash drive.

Rigol oscilloscope does not have any distortion. It is also a powerful machine because it’s strong enough to resist scratching. Due to this, it’s known for its high-level durability, which helps when you’re on the job.

This device is also known for its high MHz rating and it will help you get the most data from the signals you are verifying. 

Rigol Digital oscilloscope is the perfect device for professionals and beginners alike. Offering high performance with a user-friendly interface, this is the best overall oscilloscope money can buy. 

  • Has one of the best displays in the industry
  • 30.000 wmfs/sec
  • 50 MhZ Digital Oscilloscope with 4 channels
  • Features upgradable memory depth, bandwidth, and frequency
  • Most functions are on a trial period
  • Noisy fan

Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope

Tektronix TBS1102B Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2 Channel, 100 MHz Bandwidth, 5 Year Warranty
  • TBS1000 series digital storage oscilloscope for electronics applications such as product design and debugging, repair and servicing, and electrical engineering education
  • Maximum real-time sample rate of 2GS/s and record length of 2.5kpts per channel for acquiring detailed waveforms
  • Vertical sensitivity to 2mV per division for capturing low-level signals

The next product we’ve reviewed is the Tektronix TBS1102B Digital Storage oscilloscope, a device packed with excellent features that make it our premium choice. 

As soon as the device captures a signal, its advanced math will accelerate analysis. You are able to determine rise-time or frequency through the 16 automated measurements available. Also, the device helps you isolate the signals you are interested in. 

Another useful feature is its Time Limit function that helps you to identify any odd issues within the signal. Due to this self-debugging process, the Tektronix oscilloscope is perfect for many electronic applications such as product design, debugging, or repair and servicing. 

Its intuitive interface makes it an excellent choice for apprentice electricians willing to get more diagnostics. This interface also includes auto-ranging, auto-setup, and dedicated per-channel controls. 

This oscilloscope is also famous for its PC connectivity that allows you to pull waveform data and screen images on your computer’s desktop via the rear-panel USB port. Moreover, you can print out images to a PictBridge compatible printer. 

Lightweight and compact, the Tektronix TBS1102B oscilloscope comes with a 5-year warranty. Although the price is a little higher, its advanced features make it the best choice for an apprentice electrician. 

  • Advanced triggers such as pulse and line-selectable video
  • Multi-Language User Interface
  • Zoom function included
  • Built-in waveform limit
  • Memory per channel is too low
  • Difficulty to input change settings

Hantek Digital Oscilloscope

If you want a good and inexpensive oscilloscope, we recommend you the Hantek DSO4102C digital oscilloscope. This is the perfect device for hobbyists and electricians on a budget. If you want both a multimeter and an oscilloscope, this is your pick. 

Hantek oscilloscope is a lightweight and compact model with well-balanced parameters in the channel mode. When used in Dual Channel mode, this device reaches up to 35 MHz speed thus being one of the fastest tools in its range. 

Another awesome feature is its memory depth – the single band channel holds 32k memory while the dual-band channel detains 16k memory. You will be able to keep multiple data sources with no issue. 

The Hantek Digital Oscilloscope is perfect if you’re on a budget. For instance, it is comfortable, but it doesn’t have a rotating knob to help select menu parameters and control the signal trigger. However, users start to get used to its device’s push-button control, which ensures better mobility once it’s in use.

With 6 hours of battery power autonomy, this oscilloscope is perfect for daily use. And it also comes with two channels with a 2GS sample rate through each of them. You will get accurate readings in no time. 

As a minor drawback, the Hantek device requires software if you want to use the DSO Analyzer through a computer. This way you will be able to save, analyze, and share your accurate readings.  

Overall, the Hantek DSO4102C oscilloscope is a great addition to your gear, especially if you are an apprentice. If you are still uncertain, you should know that the package includes all the required accessories. We say it worth checking out this oscilloscope.

  • Very affordable
  • 2.5k record length for all channels
  • Includes a Zoom function
  • Great battery autonomy
  • Software errors
  • Lack of support response

Siglent Digital Oscilloscope

Siglent Technologies SDS1104X-E 100Mhz Digital Oscilloscope 4 channels Standard Decoder, Grey
  • Package Weight :4.0 Kg
  • Standard Decoder: Iic, Spi, Uart/Rs232, Can, Lin
  • 16 Digital Channels (Mso) (Four Channel Series Only, Option)

The last product we’ve reviewed for you is the Siglent SDS1104X-E, an oscilloscope that comes with 4 channels and 100 MHz bandwidth. 

If you are an advanced user and you need a device capable to perform different math operations, this is the best oscilloscope you can buy. It is capable to perform mathematical operations such as signal multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition. 

Siglent device includes multiple trigger mode options for signals such as SPI, UART/RS232, or CAN. It uses Phosphor Technology which eases signal accuracy. Moreover, the signals are displayed on its 7″ LCD screen and there are also web browser and WiFi controls. 

This oscilloscope is also power-efficient as it uses 25W, lower than the average 50W. You will be the proud owner of an efficient device that helps to decrease energy bills. 

What we did not like is the fact that it tends to have issues capturing frequencies under 199 kHz. However, it still has a capture rate of 40,000 waveforms a second with its Zoom Measurement/Gate features. Plus, its interface is a little too complex for beginners although they learn how to use it very quickly. 

To summarize, the Siglent digital oscilloscope is one of the best devices available, its features making it the ideal machine for hobbyists and electrician apprentices. 

  • Offers a real-time sampling rate of 1GSa/s
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Includes serial decoding
  • Buil-in webserver
  • Noisy fan

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