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Best Cordless Hammer Drill: Top 6 of 2023 Reviewed

best cordless drill for electricians (1)

A bad cordless hammer drill will gently massage the concrete while overheating in your hand (if it doesn’t run out of battery first).  While a good cordless hammer drill is small, compact, and can bore holes through concrete like it’s jelly. After reviewing the top brands, including Dewalt, Milwaukee, and …

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Best Deburring Tools: Top 5 of Burr Removal Tools of 2023

best deburring tools

A good deburring tool removes burrs from aluminum, steel, and plastic with ease. They are small, lightweight, and easy to clean. On the other hand—a bad deburring tool struggles to remove even the smallest of burrs. So to separate the good from the junk—we review the Top 5 Deburring Tools …

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Best RJ45 Crimper: Top 5 Ethernet Crimping Tools of 2023 Reviewed

best rj45 crimper

The best ethernet crimping tools can easily cut, strip, and crump pair-conductor cables. Where it’s an RJ11/RJ12, RJ22, or RJ45—a good pair of ratcheting crimpers will slice through them like soft spaghetti. While a bad ethernet crimping tool will over crimp your connectors and under crimp the cable strain relief. …

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